L'Agave - Capri

Our restaurant "Terrazza Brunella" changed name and has a new Executive Chef.

This is a real evolution that reflects our commitment to strengthen a precise identity, on the occasion of the renovation and refurbishment of the restaurant spaces and the achievement of the prestigious 5 stars for the Hotel Villa Brunella.

The menu has been revamped and curated by the kitchen brigade, led by Executive Chef Marco Russo with the Sous Chef Enrico Paolo Gaeta, accompanied by Historic Chef Antonio De Simone and Sous Chef Michele Terminiello.

A big change, but still faithful to the historical philosophy of the restaurant, which has always been inspired by the local tradition of Campania, reinterpreted and brought to excellence, also thanks to the careful selection of raw materials, strictly of the highest quality and expression of the territory.

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Opening hours

Open from April 17th to October 20th
Lunch: from noon to 5:30 p.m.
Dinner: from 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm

Vegetarian and gluten-free dishes available.
Reservations are recommended.

L'Agave is the signature restaurant of Villa Brunella, situated atop the hotel’s upper terrace and easily accessible from the street.
Simply stroll down the enchanting Via Tragara and stop just before the scenic overlook facing the Faraglioni.
Perhaps take a moment to greet the stunning views, then make your way back to settle at your table. The breathtaking panorama of Marina Piccola will be there for you.


Our guests will find a contemporary “caprese” cuisine, that has its roots in the tradition but looking to the future.

Our history

In 1960, grandfather Salvatore with his son in law Vincenzo started the business with the opening of the “Cincillà" where our guests enjoyed our delightful
"Nonna Jolanda's cakes". The Bar became famous for the apple cake and almonds cake (nowadays well-known as the Torta Caprese)
this was paired with a very good cappuccino, always accompained by a whipped cream swirl.
In the evening, the bar was mostly attended by young people that loved our "lemon and mulberry slush" They jokingly renamed the place into “Zanzibar”
because of the"zanzare" (mosquitos). In the 70s the Bar “Cincillà" became a snack bar, serving the dishes prepared
by "Nonna” Jolanda and her daughter Brunella: the most wanted were the Eggplant Parmigiana and the famous Ravioli Capresi.
In the beginning of the 90s came the time for the highest evolution of the Bar “Cincillà", with the opening of “Terrazza Brunella" restaurant that in 2024, after more than 30 years, became “L’agave”. Here, our guests will find a contemporary “caprese” cuisine, that has its roots in the tradition but looking to the future.